Online Schedule Maker for Spring 2014

Welcome to the online schedule maker program!

Please note:

Using the schedule maker can make schedule creation much easier. However, since it's not officially part of NYU-Poly's registration system it has some issues that you should be aware of.

For single component classes (ie: lecture only) it will list all of the open sections. But, in cases where a course has 4 components (Lec, Lec for Lab, Lab, and Recitation), you must register for some of the components separately. Ideally all 4 would be registered for as a group but this is unfortunately not the case yet.

For the most efficient schedule making, the Schedule Maker tool is best used in combination with information from NYU-Poly's official Class Schedule page which can be found here:


(1) Fill in the courses you want to take in the box below

(2) If you want to see all of the possible schedules INCLUDING the closed sections then check the box below that says "Check this box to see all possible schedules including closed sections."

(3) Click the "Find Schedules" button when you're done. The schedule maker will list all of the possible schedule combinations for the courses you entered.

(4) Parallel sections are shown on one schedule, rather than each section generating its own schedule.


In the box below, type all of the catalog numbers of the courses that you want to make a schedule for.

For example: EG1003 MA1024 MG1002 CE4710 EG1

IMPORTANT: each course must be separated from the next course by a space but NO spaces between the letters and numbers of a course.

Include Closed Sections

Check this box to see all possible schedules including closed sections:

Add Optional courses

In the box below type the catalog numbers of any optional courses that you would like to take separated by a space. These courses will be configured into your schedules.

How many of these course do you want to include in a schedule at one time?

Specifying Specific Days and Times for Your Schedule

You can use the grid below to narrow your schedule preferences.

If you want to specify the earliest and latest times you want to have class or if you want to have one day completely free of classes you can try to do that using the grid.

NOTE: If you overspecify the selection, you may not have any possible schedules, or may need sections for courses that are closed. We recommend that you use as few constraints as necessary.

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